The Mound


The Mound is an artificial hill which was built as a short cut between the Old Town and the New Town. It divides Princes Street Gardens into West Princes Street Gardens and East Princes Street Gardens.


The Mound was built by dumping over 1.5 million cartloads of mud and rubble taken from the old loch which was drained to make way for the New Town. The Mound’s official opening was held in 1781.


The Mound hosts many events throughout the year including performances from the Fringe Festival as well as the annual Christmas German Market.


The National Gallery of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Academy are located on The Mound.


The University of Edinburgh’s School of Divinity is located on the Mound at New College where the annual meetings of the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland are held.


The Museum on the Mound can be found in the domed Headquarters of the Bank of Scotland on the Mound where you can look at what a million pounds looks like and see Scotland’s oldest banknote.


Admission to the Museum on the Mound is free and Ian Rankin, the best-selling author of the Inspector Rebus books, said that ‘The Museum on the Mound is the best new museum to have opened in Edinburgh in ages. It’s fun. It’s free. It’s fantastic.