"When I forget thee, Auld Reekie, may my right hand forget it's cunning" R.L. Stevenson

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Black Medicine One

The centre of the Black Medicine "empire", 'though not geographically, is the original store, sitting proudly on the corner of Nicolson Street and Drummond Street. If it were the geographical centre, which would be physically impossible, it would sit somewhere on Simpson's Loan, which is in the Quartermile development. I wouldn't like that.
Green is it's colour of choice, although if you are colourblind it may appear to be red. We make no apology for this however as it would look odd if it were any other colour. Yellow, for example, would look horrific.
Internally, it is a veritable woodsman's delight, being mainly constructed of wood. The walls are made of stone, being as it is a stone building. The coffee-making-machinery is made of several materials, most notable of which would be stainless steel. The staff are, by and large, made of natural, organic materials, such as flesh, bone, hair etc, although the odd piece of metal may extrude from some of them in small quantities. Do not worry - this is not shrapnel.
Coffee may come to you in a variety of vessels: large ceramic cup, small ceramic cup, tiny ceramic cup, large paper cup, medium paper cup, small paper cup, tiny paper cup, your own 'travel' mug. "Which of these will I get?" you may be wondering. This will depend entirely upon what you order, in what quantity and whether you are taking out or sitting in.
Food comes in many forms, as we all know. Black Medicine will offer you several varieties of foodstuff, ranging from delicious Jaffa cakes and crisps through to the more nourishing filled ciabatta, panini, bagels and soup. Cake is here too.

Latest Reviews

Falko Konditormeister

By Robert Hamilton

'Without doubt the best place in Edinburgh for cake & coffee. If you like your coffee & cake this is the place to visit.'

Tang's Japanese Dining

By Laetitia PichevinHarrison

'I have spent lovely evenings and had lovely fresh food at Tang's. If you are ìn the old town and hungry for healthy food, I would recommend a stop in this restaurant.'

The Royal Mile

By David Hamilton

'Absolutely love walking along the Royal Mile, I last visited on a cold, wet December night and it was still beautiful with so much to see and do.'

Edinburgh Castle

By David Hamilton

'The climb to the Castle is a fascinating mix of narrow, stepped side streets and pathways lined with quirky shops and bars. Spent hours admiring the breathtaking views of city below. Stunning!'

Dominion Cinema

By Peigi Series

'The best cinema in the world, with big, super comfortable sofas just for yourself and free pringles :) And a nice choice of movies too. '

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